Birsik Steelhand

Legendary Dwarf, mountain named after him

  • Birsik Steelhand, Hammer of Moradin
  • Race/gender: Dwarf male
  • Age: Deceased

Dwarves had at one time spread their underground collonies all throughout the continent. Then, nearly 500 years ago, the Giantkin began a 20 year campaign against the Dwarves. Each time they attacked it was in far too large of numbers to repel their advances. Birsik Steelhand was frustrated and chose to stand his ground when the titans had reached the settlement at Mount Birsik. He inspired his company to fight off the titans. While the entire company was wiped out, the titans had stopped their attacks afterwards. Bards continue to sing songs centuries after his exploits at Mount Birsik against the titans even today.


Birsik Steelhand

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