Creating your Character

  • Use the Point Buy system for choosing your attributes.
  • When choosing your equipment, you get 1 Magic Item of your level, one level below, and one lvl above. You also get level appropriate gold to spend on (nearly) whatever you want.
  • You may use your granted Magic Items and/or gold to buy anything but Artifacts and Intelligent Items.
  • If you’re gonna take the “White Lotus” feats, understand that they are taught to you. You don’t get to just arbitrarily give them to yourself unless you went to school or had a tutor teach it to your character.

Using Your Character Rebuild

  • You only get one. If you can make the changes using retraining, do that instead unless there’s a bunch of things you want to change.
  • You cannot change your Race, Gender, Class, Epic Destiny, Known Languages, Rituals or Equipment. If you need to, talk to me.
  • You may redistribute your Ability scores so long as you are still legal within the point buy system, but nothing drastic. Again, if you want to do so, talk to me before hand.
  • Give me at least 2 weeks notice if you plan on changing your Paragon Path. Understand that if you were to change your Paragon Path, you do not immediately gain the benefits of your new features. You gotta quest that shit.
  • If/when you do choose to use your rebuild, come up with a good, compelling reason why your character would rebuild.
  • Finally, if you want to change any of the things I said you may not change and have a good reason, feel free to ask me.

Leveling Up

  • Same thing applies to feat choices as with the rules on character creation. You only get those Heritage etc feats if it makes sense for you to know them. None of that “Hey look! I’m a fk’n Vampire now!” shit. Just use common sense with the feats you wanna choose. Chances are I’ll say yes unless it makes no sense at all.

Regarding Acrobatics Checks

  • You may still use your Acrobatics to reduce fall damage when willfully jumping in addition to “Hop Down”. Rules for Hopping Down can be found here.


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