Population: 12,300

Government: King Amaeolus Tier’rae Dayemeral is the undisputed ruler of the city and Quon. He is advised by the Duchal Embassy serving as a sort of congress.

Defenses: The Crescent make up Shalan’ir and Quon’s military might. Shalan’ir also has an elite guard known as The Templars who take their orders directly from the king.

Inns/Taverns: Lull of the Stars Tavern; Keldrahn’s Place; The Glowing Sprite

Temples: The Brilliant Spire (Corellon); The Spire of Dreams (Sehanine); Huntress’ Spire (Melora)



Beneath the gargantuan tree canopy overlooking Lake Vanalas lies Shalan’ir, the capitol of Quon. Home of the Eladrin and Elven population in Quon, this city lies nestled within a circle of twelve ancient fey spires; the mighiest of which directly on the bank of Lake Vanalas, serving as the king’s throneroom where all governmental duties are carried out. Shalan’ir is considered a worldfall, residing chiefly in the Mortal World, then for 5 hours each night, entering the Feywild. Shalan’ir is famous most notably for The Quon Academy of Arcane Arts.


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