The Halfhammered Hills

Population: 600, mostly in Hammerheim

Government: City-state ruled by a council of twelve chosen every season from the Hammerheim citizens by lottery. Meets in the Hammered Halls in Hammerheim

Defenses: Local militia group known as The Halfhammers and most the populace.

Inns/Taverns: The Grappled Griffon, The Brawling Bear, The Drunken Dragon, The Lazy Lich, The Befuddled Beholder, The Tipsy Troll, The Stymied Saytr, The Winded Wyvern, The Stoned Stirge, The Plastered Psurlon and The Wasted Wraith.

Temples: The Storm Steeple (Kord)

Located between the Korym Desert and Terra’s Fist Range, The Halfhammered Hills are a series of sparsely vegetated mesas that make up the regions foothills. Although the region is populated mostly by humans, it is not uncommon to find a wide variety of races in the region. This is due to the frequent need of strong arms to guard against frequent attacks by groups like the Bloodhand Maruaders. And because of the frequent their need for combat, the people are a rowdy group known for powerful emotional bursts of energy and their strong ale.

The region’s close relationship to dwarven communities is obvious due to the interesting linguistic qualities in the region and a local hybrid language called “Dwammon”.

The Halfhammered Hills

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